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Licensed Family Child Care Homes gives you more options in selecting child care for your child. You will have smaller groups and a more home like environment.   It also gives your child a better relationship with the provider, There is more continuity of care.  Family Child Care also gives parents
a better relationship with the Provider.  You can talk to them at anytime to find out about your
child's day.  You have a more personal relationship with your Child's provider. 
With your busy schedule we understand how hard it is to make phone calls and search for child care.  Our referrals are all licensed family child care providers.  They provider care for children in their home under the supervision of State Licensing.   These providers are in various area's of the Cunty of Sacramento.   
To help better search you we can post your inquiry to our Network (through a email list) and those providers who have openings and can meet your needs will call you.  This helps to save you some time.  You would need to contact  Pat,  at  so she can post it to the email group.  It is a private group. 
Your first step is to check our referral listing for those who have openings.  All have posted their hours, ages accepted and area they are in to save more time.
Most providers have emails that you can write too.  When you email a provider please ask them to send you their child care web site as well.  Many have web sites that were unable to post them here.

Visit us on our Facebook page. Go to face book and in their search box type in

CHILD CARE REFERRALS, Elk Grove, Sacramento.  

request to join.  Parents you can check out providers who are running ads there,  Providers can list their child cares,  that are LICENSED, and must post their license number in their Ad text.  
NOTICE : SOLUTIONS network  will never authorize anyone to use this referral list TO USE TO CALL AND SOLICIT THE PROVIDERS LISTED ON THE LIST.   This is for providers only to list to their child cares and for parents to find child care.   This is not a public list to sell products, goods, insurances,  or anything else.  
Anyone using this list to solicit anything other than list their own child care, Share with parents seeking child care or parents seeking child care  will face legal actions  ~
~Solutions Network ~ 

This network  is not responsible for arrangements between parent and provider. The parent and provider agree to indemnify and hold harmless  this website & network,  its officers, support leaders or  members  from costs, suit or liability allegedly arising from the provision of child care services.
These referrals are for public service only and free.  Each provider is responsible for themselves and their own business. 
They are licensed by the State of California  and are Self Employed individuals. 
Parents have the right to contact the Local Licensing office to check the licensing file on any provider.
Licensing for Family Child Care Homes.
2525 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 250, MS 19-29
Sacramento, CA 95833
(916) 263-5744     FAX (916) 929-6371

Solutions Network does not make recommendations.  The names of child care providers listed should be considered referrals only. The choice of your child's care is your responsibility. Solutions Network has not inspected or warranted the condition of the provider's facility or the quality of supervision the children receive.
Thank you,
Solutions Provider Network,
Child Care Referrals for Sac Valley
Providers in order to be listed on the Referral site you must become a member of Solutions Provider Network. You can email us for further information. You must be a licensed provider in good standing with Licensing. Not on probation, or under investigation of any kind. To join our email group, where you can network with other providers daily go to this site and request to join. The yahoo group is an online email group. Where the providers chat, share, and promote child care. Join our email group today......For providers in and around Sacramento County